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Northwestern Alumni Career Webinars

Michael Maslar, Psy.D.
• June 20, 2018

Many find that the beginning of summer offers an opportunity to slow the hectic pace of professional life down, at least a bit. Whether your pace will slow down or not, this time of year can provide an opportunity to do some self-care and start some healthier habits. This webinar will cover some of the ever expanding theory and research on mindfulness, and teach experiential exercises for use in daily life to help reduce stress, live more fully, and improve clarity of purpose in day to day life.

Michael Maslar, Psy.D.

Director of Mindfulness and Behavior Therapies Program
Director of Mindfulness and Skills-Based Organizational Services
He provides compassionate and practical, skills-based approaches, rooted in meditative practice and supported by scientific evidence, to help people with a wide range of problems.