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The Neuroscience Integration Lab is primarily focused on generating theory related to the integration of neuroscience in counseling and psychotherapy as well as testing emerging translational neuroscience models and programs to promote the health and well-being of individuals and systems.

The primary question guiding our research is: how can we ethically and effectively integrate neuroscience in the work we do?

The Neuroscience Integration Lab uses a broad definition of neuroscience as the study of the complete human nervous system and its interactions with the full scope of environmental and developmental variables. We promote scholarly activity using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods as well as systematic literature reviews of existing research.

Current Initiatives

We are currently completing a number of systematic literature reviews focusing on neuroscience concepts (e.g., neuroscience of emotion, Polyvagal Theory) that are most closely related to the integration of neuroscience in counseling and psychotherapy. Additionally, we are focusing on the development of neuroeducation programs, evaluation of neuroscience-based models of resilience, development of neuroscience informed cognitive behavioral therapy and new ideas that emerge from the team daily.

Research Opportunities

Depending on your goals and interests, team members’ participation may differ. Generally, graduate student researchers commit to an average of five hours per week for a year, spread out during and between quarters.

If you are interested in joining the team, please complete this interest form. You may also reach out to Dr. Eric Beeson directly.

Research Team

The Neuroscience Integration Lab is led by Eric T. Beeson, Ph.D., and dedicated to the recruitment and retention of a diverse team. Team members participate in all phases of the research process from hypothesis generation to dissemination of results. In addition to supporting existing lab projects, each member is expected to develop a personal passion project that they lead with the support of the rest of the team. 

Elevating Diversity

The remote nature of our lab ensures geographic diversity, but it is important for us to acknowledge our social positions within society and the team while elevating the unique elements of our intersecting identities and how this influences the work of the team and implications of research findings. 

I’ve found working on the Neuroscience Integration Lab to be incredibly important to my growth as a student and researcher. It has been amazing to be able to participate in this type of research at the graduate level, and I feel better prepared in my studies because of it. As a student hoping to pursue a doctorate in this field, this experience has been invaluable.

Emily Elliott
Class of 2020

Being a member of the Neuroscience Integration Lab has afforded me the opportunity to be taught by an expert researcher and to collaborate with peers who challenge me. I have been able to add projects to my CV for my application to doctoral programs, something I felt nervous obtaining prior to the lab. I have made great friends through this experience and strengthened my relationships that existed with individuals in the lab prior to joining this team. I feel very proud of the work we do.

Lauren Brdecka
Class of 2021