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This year, The Family Institute celebrates 50 years of PARTNERING TO SEE CHANGE through research, education and clinical service.

Who we are today has been made possible through the generous investment of donors like you.

Together, we honor the tens of thousands of children, individuals, couples and families who have walked through our doors. We are humbled by the thousands of therapists we have trained to expand the field of behavioral health across the country and globally through their clinical service. We take great pride in how our research and scholarship have improved the lives of our clients and countless others.

Be part of our next 50 years. Make a gift that will increase access to care, develop research leading to better therapies that impact both our mental and physical health, and prepare the next generation of therapists to meet the needs of our diverse and ever-changing population.

$50,000 underwrites a named postdoctoral training fellowship for two years

$5,000 prepares a team of researchers to undertake a community engaged project that tackles adapting interventions for minority populations

$500 supports mothers with critically ill infants through a twice a week therapy group

$50 provides an in-school therapy session at an under resourced public school for a teen struggling with gender identity