Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Distress and Couples

Principal Investigator

Lynne Knobloch-Fedders, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, The Family Institute at Northwestern University
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

The strong links between relationship distress, depression, and anxiety, along with limitations in current theory, research, and intervention, point to the need for a comprehensive, integrated system of interpersonal assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. This program of research, directed by Dr. Lynne Knobloch-Fedders, applies interpersonal theory to the study of couples in which one partner suffers from mood or anxiety disorders. The goal of this research is to develop a more comprehensive system of assessment, intervention, and outcome evaluation for these disorders.

Dr. Knobloch-Fedders’ research program compares the interpersonal behavior of distressed couples with and without a depressed and / or anxious partner, and evaluates the process and outcome of an integrative couples therapy used to treat these couples.

Data from this program of research is being used to identify patterns of patient change and therapist behavior that can be used to improve the efficacy of couple-based treatments for depression, anxiety, and relationship distress.

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For more information about the Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Distress and Couples project, contact Dr. Lynne-Knobloch-Fedders at 847-733-4300, ext. 796.