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Life and relationships are complicated. Sometimes, you feel like you have everything under control. Other times, the challenges outweigh your ability to cope with them, no matter how hard you try. 

Of course, there is no one right or wrong way to navigate the challenges. There is, however, a way that can work for you. 

Therapy enables you to uncover that way. The process reflects yourself back to you, like holding up a mirror that enables you to see yourself more clearly. Your clinician will work closely with you throughout the treatment process, shedding light on your thoughts and behavior patterns, as well as looking at how you interact with the world around you.

The goal: to develop a plan and tools that empower you.

Teletherapy sessions are available.

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How to Know When You Should See a Therapist

Therapy helps you understand important relationships in your life, especially if you have questions or want to make changes. People typically reach out to us because they are having trouble managing their own feelings, or often feel angry, sad or anxious.

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What to Expect When Partnering with The Family Institute 

We have treated thousands of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, income levels, education levels and sexual and gender identities. We also treat people with a variety of behavioral, cognitive and emotional issues across all stages of life. 

Research informs every step of our collaborative treatment approach. Our therapy process begins with developing a customized treatment plan and goals for you. When necessary, we collaborate with other programs within The Family Institute, such as Neuropsychological Assessment Program in order to provide the most complete, comprehensive care.