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Connecting During Quarantine, and Beyond

Heather Chamberland, Psy.D., AMFT, LCP
• March 31, 2021

Many couples are struggling within their relationships right now. The added pressures from the effects of the pandemic, financial, emotional, recreational, have hit couples hard. People are simply trying to get through the day, let alone finding time for connection. Given all of the stressors that are occurring simultaneously, couples may have a hard time managing their relationship. Most of the focus is needed for childcare or work- related responsibilities, leaving romantic relationships vulnerable to disconnection. So, what happens when a source of comfort becomes the source of tension? This article will discuss what happens within couple relationships during times of distress and consider ways to maintain connection during a pandemic.

Heather Chamberland, Psy.D., AMFT, LCP


Dr. Chamberland received her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology and holds a master’s degree in couple and family therapy. She has a particular interest in understanding how family dynamics influence adult attachment patterns and how we see ourselves in the context of relationships.