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A Podcast Series from The Family Institute

Nikki Lively, M.A., LCSW
• January 27, 2018

In this episode of Let's Talk, Nikki Lively, Clinical Director of the Transitions to Parenthood program, interviews a first time mother about her experiences in the transition to motherhood. They speak candidly about the real emotions that come up in this transition and explore themes of motherhood from the New York Times article, "The Birth of a Mother," by Alexandra Sachs, M.D.

Nikki Lively, M.A., LCSW

Clinical Director, Transitions to Parenthood Program
Ms. Lively is a certified Emotionally Focused couples Therapist ​and Supervisor (EFT), ​Certified in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C) through Postpartum Support International and ​trained in Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Her main area of expertise is supporting women, men, infants, couples and families in the transition to parenthood ​and specializes in women's reproductive health.
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