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Aaron Cooper, Ph.D.
• November 11, 2017

In this engaging explanation of The New Self-Esteem, Aaron Cooper discusses the issues associated with today's abundance of parenting styles, and a potential solution for the anxieties of concerned parents and their affected children, alike. 

Aaron Cooper, Ph.D.

During Dr. Cooper’s forty plus years as a psychotherapist, he has been exposed to a great many therapeutic approaches and schools of thought and has assembled his own eclectic framework. How he approaches couples counseling differs in some ways from how he approaches family and individual therapy, but all his work is informed by the belief that our emotions tell us a lot about ourselves and our relationships — and so are critically important to understand.
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  1. The problems created when we devote ourselves to our children’s happiness are the central focus of my book, I Just Want My Kids To Be Happy (Late August Press, 2008).
  2. The author is grateful to Dr. Shefali Tsabary for her groundbreaking book, The Conscious Parent (Namaste Publishing, 2010).