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Northwestern Alumni Career Webinars

Emily C. Klear, LMFT
• March 29, 2018

During the past 40 years, dual-income households have nearly doubled, and female breadwinning households are on the rise. In this discussion, we will cover the unique challenges dual-income couples face from the "second-shift" to the current child-centered parenting culture that place a strain on relationships. We will explore the ways gender, culture and the fear of failure impact couples and learn how to reprioritize your partner and self and increase a sense of parity and connectedness.

Emily C. Klear, LMFT

Director of Couple Services

Emily Klear, M.S., LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Director, Couple Services at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. Ms. Klear takes an integrative and collaborative approach to therapy. Ms. Klear works couples and adult individuals, specializing in difficult transitions to parenthood, dual-income couples and work-related issues.