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A Podcast Series from The Family Institute

Neil Venketramen, LMFT
Linda Rubinowitz, Ph.D., LCP, LMFT
• July 31, 2018

In this podcast episode, Neil Venketramen, staff therapist at The Family Institute, interviews Dr. Linda Rubinowitz, our senior therapist and assistant clinical professor of Psychology who has been on the teaching and clinical supervision faculty at Northwestern University, and specifically The Family Institute, for 27 years. Dr. Rubinowitz explains how one's family of origin and early experiences affect their current relationship challenges, and emphasizes the importance of respect and care when addressing clients' historical problems in couples therapy. 

Neil Venketramen, LMFT

Core Faculty, Marriage & Family Therapy Program
Clinical Lecturer of Psychology at Northwestern University
Assistant Director of Clinical Training and Supervision On-Campus
Primary Branch: MSMFT On-Campus

Mr. Venketramen helps couples, individuals and families overcome a variety of conflicts related to finances, attachment styles, intimacy, addictions, family transitions, mood disorders, infidelity and discernment therapy.

Linda Rubinowitz, Ph.D., LCP, LMFT

Senior Therapist
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology
Dr. Rubinowitz is the former director of Northwestern University's Master of Marriage and Family Therapy program for a decade and spent six years as the director of the Postdoctoral Fellowship at The Family Institute at Northwestern University.